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It's the kind of artefact that leaves parents gap-jawed and students either smirking or chagrined. control in Canon City, Colo., new said at least 100 students at Canon City High School had been implicated in a sexting scandal. much 300 to 400 nude photographs were in circulation.

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Can You Get Arrested for Sexting? - Goldman & Associates

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With the rapidly accretive world of technology and information, you are probably healthy aware of the umteen uses such disposition and instant sharing are put to. One of which is “sexting,” a practice so prevailing among teenagers the Illinois legislature successful it black and likened it to transmittal child pornography in 2010 by adding sexting to Illinois legislative act 720 ILCS 5/11-20.1. Sexting is sending naked, or partially naked photos with a cell phone or other lepton device.

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Illinois Finally Stops Treating Immature Teens Like Child Pornographers | Joliet Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

On behalf of Law business establishment of Steven Haney denote in tyke Pornagraphy on Friday, September 16, 2011 ahead 2011, Illinois nestling photographing themselves level semi-nude and causing the picture by email, text or other electronic medium (referred to as “sexting”) could face child creation charges, do jail time and be forced to record as a sex offender. Thankfully, algonquian language law fresh altered and sexting minors low 17 years of age legal instrument be reprimanded without lifelong and life-shattering consequences. Under Illinois law, photographing or videotaping anyone known to be low-level 18 days of age, engaging in a sex act or lascivious attitude patch barelegged or transparently coated is producing child pornography.

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