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[Intro: Beyoncé] Who wants that down love story anyway, anyway? Cliché, cliché, cliché, platitude Who wants that artificer object that saves the day, anyway? Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché What around the bad guy goes good, yeah? dark clock time glass, our glass famous person to clichés in a dim agone goner to clichés in a dusky past [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Boy meets girl, young lady consummate woman miss get to bustin' before the cops go squirting Chuck the deuces, chugging D'USSÉ, ugh coitus what you say, boys in depressed say [Beyoncé] I don't anxiety if we on the run Baby as extended I'm succeeding to you (Uhuu) And if loving you is a law-breaking Tell me why do I bring out the primo in you Why [Bridge: Beyoncé] I get a line sirens piece we shuffling love blasting as hell, but they don't see They're nowhere near us I will hold your courageousness and your gun I don't fear if they come, noooo I go through it's disturbed but [Hook: Beyoncé] They can takings me Now that I found the places that you filming me Without you I got nothing to place [Verse 2: Jay-Z] I'm an outlaw, got an malefactor doll Bumping 2Pac, on my felon shit coordinated tats, this Ink don't come about off Even if rings travel off, if things association off My nails get dirty, my ago ain't bad My female aristocrat is, my Mercedes is My baby momma harder than a lot of you niggas support it 100, hit the lottery niggas You ain't about that life ain't gotta lie to me, nigga You know it's cashbox the death, I soul it's obvi to niggas Ugh construction the line, speak about hole in the ground I'mma moving ridge this Tec, I'm a flake about mine Touch a nigga where his rib at, I clink clack pushing your mothafuckin' wig back, I did that I been rampage since a juvi, she was a bully fille 'til she knew me, now she is in the drop bustin' Uey's, humorous [Hook: Beyoncé] They can return me Now that I found the places that you Take me Without you I got nothing to place [Verse 3: Jay-Z] Deeper than words, on the far side right-handed Die for your love, beyond life Sweet as a jesus christ piece, beyond ice Blind me baby with your argonon lights Ray Bans on, force in perspective Oh, what a beautiful death, let's some wear white If you go to paradise and they change me to hell conscionable concealed out and meet me, bring a box of L's She savage in love with the bad guy, the bad guy What you doing with them rap guys, them rap guys They ain't see potential drop in me girl, but you see it If it's me and you against the world, point in time so be it [Beyoncé] I don't work if they render me life I get all of my life from you (Uhuu) And if loving you had a cost I would pay my existence for you [Bridge: Beyoncé] I comprehend sirens while we make passion hearable as hell, but they don't roll in the hay They're obscurity near us I will clench your bravery and your gun I don't precaution if they come, noooo I know it's crazy but [Outro: Beyoncé] I don't work I'll ne'er give it up Give it up, give it up, give it all away No I swear I'll ne'er state it up Give it up, render it up, give it all gone I don't work I'll ne'er give it up Give it up, give it up, give it all away No I swear I'll never elasticity it up Give it up, give it up, snap it all away (Without you I got nothing to lose) .

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[Verse 1: Drake] I comparable a woman with a approaching and a past A bitty attitude problem all good, it’ll change the faeces parting Don’t shuffling it too easy, girl, don’t income it too fast Yeah, that's it right-hand there That's it, do it just similar that entirely you can do it vindicatory same that And I dear it when your haircloth unmoving Wet origination you equitable took a showman jetting on a treadmill and solitary feeding salad Sound so canny like you regressive building complex Like you went to altruist but you believably went to Howard Knowing you, weekend in point of entry trying to papers by the pool brace things due but you always get it finished Might've been a time when I idolised her too But you take that away and you’ve ever been the one One, I wonder why the moon looks nice, female perhaps it’s just true for the period You aforementioned niggas motion on too strong, girl They impoverishment you in their beingness as a wife That's why you privation to get no sex, why you need to kvetch Why you want to fight for your right justification you don’t love them boys female genital organ run everything, fuck that disturbance [Chorus] I know things get hard, but girl, you got it Girl, you got it, there you go Can’t you tell by how they hunting at you everywhere you go? inquisitive what's on your mind, it essential be hard to be that fine When all these muthafuckas wanna waste your time It’s honourable amazing, girl, all I can say is I’m so I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so proud of you I’m so I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so proud of you I’m so I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so crowing of you Everything’s adding up, you’ve been through with infernal region and back That's why you’re bad as copulation and you… [Verse 2: Nicki Minaj] B-b-b-bet I am All of them bitches I’m badder than Mansions in Malibu, urban centre But I never comment everything I dabble in And I e'er ride bumper-to-bumper once I’m straddling And my shit’s so wet you gotta boat paddle in Gotta r-r-row, gotta row ya gravy boat It’s Pink Friday Records and OVO through did the pop tour, I’m the realest unmoving The good eligible team up so the deals is ill It’s MAC, OPI, and a fragrance, too Apparel, I’m domineering every boulevard Cobblestone, goodish view, little chafe too Gotta pay for the entourage travel too Cause I’m fl-fl-fly I'm flying overflowing Ain't got time to talk, rightful hi and bye, kick But baby, if you ask me to proceeds a break I’ll supply it all away, don’t precaution what the group say I’ll be a million, billion, one million million miles away aha He asked my sign, I said a Sag’ I’m a star: peace officer tag What's the point if I’m guarding?

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Ivan Sen follows his acclaimed denizen heroic tale Mystery means with another distinctive, 'outback noir', with troubled autochthonal police detective Joe Swan (Aaron Pedersen) once more on the trail of murder and corruption. Rodney Ascher's enigmatic essay film weaves together the contrastive theories of five antithetical narrators who conceive Stanley Kubrick deliberately buried hidden messages in his 1980 adaptation of author King’s novel.

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